Armed Uniformed Officers

We provide the most skilled commissioned, or Lv3 officers in the industry. Our officers are carefully selected, screened, and approved by our Chief of Operations during the hiring process. Each officer will then have to train and pass performance evaluations and examinations before ever taking any assignments. We are proud to be renowned by our clients for outstanding service.

Special Response Team (SRT)

With SRT all of our clients are assured a first class professional service while providing an excellent working relationship with their management team, members of the public, guests, and VIP’s. You can count on our SRT to keep and maintain the order, deter illegal activity, and provide a safe environment for everyone in the vicinity without attracting unwanted publicity.

K9 Unit

As part of our custom packages, we will dispatch a specially trained K9 unit along with one of our most experienced uniformed officers. As a team, they will help to prevent any incidents that may occur on site.