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With protection Specialist Tactical, you will have the opportunity to climb the ranks of security work starting from level 3, commissioned officer, to a high fledged level 4 concealed carry agent/bodyguard.

Thank you for your interest in Protection Specialist Tactical: Your next level of protection. We are unlike any other security company because we specialize in the development of all our officers in order to provide a level of service that meets and surpases the expectancies of our clients. Our training programs are in depth, and they will cover all aspects of your position in order to perform your duties safely and efficiently. Returning veterans will find this to be a subtle transition to civilian life where they will be able to provide services that are essential to the safety and security of our clients. If you meet our requirements, and have the motivation to make a difference, then submit your resume using our form. Upon consideration, we will schedule an interview with you at our office. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Level 3 – Commissioned Security Officers.

* Three years of related experience as an armed security officer.
* You must have your DD-214, and a valid/active commissioned security officer licence.

Level 4 – Security Bodyguard (PPO).

* Three years of related experience as an armed security officer, or previous experience as a bodyguard.
* You must have your DD-214, and must a valid level 4 concealed carry bodyguard license.
NOTE: Sorry, but we do not accept level 1 or 2 security guard applicants.

NOTICE: It is a criminal offense in the state of Texas to perform any type of security related work without a license, regardless if you or your employer avoids using the term “security” (such as courtesy officer, event staff, bouncer, etc); this also includes bodyguard, executive protection, and church security.